Ever Wonder Where Santa Goes For A Vacation?

It has been a long and taxing year for all of us – even Santa Claus. As an essential worker, Santa’s annual duties this year came with the added pressure of spreading more cheer than ever before.

To show its appreciation, The Bahamas invited Santa to hang up his suit and hat after the holidays and spend the next year defrosting on Stocking Island in the Exuma Cays.

By gifting Santa and Mrs. Claus complimentary BEATS visas (Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay), they are now able to unwind and experience The Bahamas’ most merry offerings until next Christmas.

Trading snowy boots for bare feet on one of the most beautiful beaches in The Bahamas and where they will feel right at home, Santa and Mrs. Claus are now soaking up the sun on Jolly Hall Beach, which is reserved especially for The Clauses and their elves.

And, thanks to the seclusion of the Out Islands of The Bahamas, they can remain socially distant and out of the public eye on Stocking Island, while they relax and enjoy all the outdoor adventures The Bahamas has to offer.

Joy Jibrilu, director general, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, said: “Santa wasn’t the only one working overtime this year; we know that people everywhere need a break and change of scenery.”

Jibrilu continued: “The Bahamas welcomes paradise seekers of all kinds to embrace island-time, and we offer a variety of island escapes perfect to suit each visitor’s unique remote working needs.”

The Bahamas has 16 unique islands for travellers to choose from, each with its own individual personality, seclusion and adventure. In the Bahamas, outdoor activities are aplenty, making the destination perfect for a safe, socially distant getaway.

A full list of current travel offers can be found on www.Bahamas.com/deals .

Given that Santa and Mrs. Claus are immune to COVID-19 and in recognition of their hard work during the 2020 holiday season, the Director General is honoured to grant them honourary Travel Health Visas.

Travel entry requirements for the rest of Santa’s entourage and all other visitors can be found on www.Bahamas.com/travelupdates — including details specifically related to testing and obtaining The Bahamas Travel Health Visa.

Additional details related to the BEATS program application, such as costs and frequently asked questions, are available at www.BahamasBeats.com.


In the Bahamas for an extended stay on Stocking Island, essential workers, Santa and Mrs. Claus kick off their boots and unwind in The Bahamas after a stressful year, thanks to complimentary BEATS Visas.