Expedia Group Re-Invents How People Discover New Destinations And More

Expedia Group has unveiled its Fall Release 2023 — a collection of new features and products that reinvents how travellers discover new places, collaborate with friends and family, and get quick AI-generated answers to common travel questions.

The new Fall release features Trip Planner which simplifies travel planning and allows travellers to collaborate on a group getaway in the app; EG Labs, where consumers passionate about travel and tech can learn about and even test early experimental beta products that will shape the future of travel; and amenity and property answers, which use generative AI to rapidly sift through travellers’ reviews and property details in response to questions or prompts from members in the app.

Peter Kern, vice chairman and CEO, Expedia Group, said: “Expedia Group invented online travel more than 25 years ago with the goal of using technology to empower travellers around the world. In the past few years, we’ve doubled down and invested massively in the latest tech capabilities using AI and machine learning to accelerate our innovation to better serve the millions of travellers who come to us every day.”

And Kern added: “Our new intelligent discovery and planning features are designed to address traveller pain points, allowing our members to easily plan, book and enjoy travel across our three flagship apps.”

Features and product updates include:

* Trip Planner: Looking to plan a big trip with friends? For the very first time, travellers now have one place to collaborate and engage with friends and family on a trip — one place to see both saved options and booked items across places to stay, flights, activities, and car rentals; and one place where invited friends and family can like, comment, save more ideas, and view what’s already been booked. Available on the Expedia, Hotels.com and Vrbo apps.

* Dynamic travel guides: Wondering about the best time to visit a specific destination? Dynamic travel guides provides insights into hotel prices, weather conditions, and crowd levels for the most visited cities in the world, all conveniently at hand in the app. Within the neighbourhood section of the guide, travellers can have a generative AI-powered conversation to help identify the ideal neighbourhood to stay, based on their interests. Available on the Expedia and Hotels.com apps.

* Amenity answers: Have questions about the pool or restaurant at a hotel? Amenity answers uses generative AI to sift through guest reviews to share their experience of the amenities at a hotel or vacation rental, meaning travellers don’t have to. Available on the Expedia, Hotels.com and Vrbo apps in English language only.

* Property answers: Is the Wi-Fi good in all rooms? Is parking free? Property answers uses generative AI to help travellers find out more about a specific property. Available on the Expedia, Hotels.com?and Vrbo apps.

* Flexible date search for stays: Don’t have set dates to get away? Flexible date search gives travellers the ability to find the best options on places to stay by broadening their search by plus or minus a few days of potential dates, or by length of stay and time of year. Available on the Expedia, Hotels.com?and Vrbo apps.

* Influencer travel stories: Want to go on a tried and tested adventure? Discover new destinations by watching influencer-created travel stories that will inspire the next dream trip. Available on the Expedia and Hotels.com apps in the U.S. only.

Go to https://www.expediagroup.com/home/default.aspx for more.