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More Exotic Than Anywhere, Lindblad Says


Lindblad Expeditions is inviting Canadians to explore their home and native land. And that includes locales well above the Arctic Circle.

In this week’s digital edition of Canadian Travel Press, Ian Stalker reports that company president Sven Lindblad told a recent Toronto gathering that his company – which has 10 vessels, six of which it owns and four of which it charters – has Canadian sailings, while conceding that many think travel within their own country isn’t exotic.

Sailings in northern waters and through islands off the northwest coast of this country “highlight the extraordinary nature” of Canada, he said. “You have these things here that are more exotic than anywhere in the world.”

Lindblad – which partners with the National Geographic Society and carries people on a vessel named The National Geographic Endeavour – has a host of polar sailings, including in Arctic waters, with a 2015 journey that begins in Ottawa Aug. 17, visits the west coast of Greenland before heading west and following the eastern coast of Baffin Island to the High Arctic, reaches as far north of Ellesmere Island, before returning to Greenlandic waters and eventually ending in Reykjavik, Iceland, Sept. 8.

Other Arctic sailings offered by the company visit locales in this country, Greenland, Iceland and Norway.

Lindblad, involved in polar travel for decades, labelled Baffin Island – most of which is above the Arctic Circle – “quite stunning.”

For the full story, check out this week’s digital edition of Canadian Travel Press by clicking here.

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