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FLANDERS-BELGIUM – A Culinary Gem That Beckons To Food Enthusiasts

© Milo Profi

Every traveller loves to discover a hidden gem and Flanders in the northern part of Belgium — a small European country nestled between France, Germany, and the Netherlands – is just that.

For food enthusiasts, its culinary landscape sparkles — a harmonious blend of French finesse, German hearty flavours, and Dutch practicality. From refined chocolate pralines to meticulously crafted beers, Flemish cuisine is a celebration of taste, tradition, and innovation.

Chocolate, arguably Belgium’s most famous culinary export, is an art form here. The country’s chocolatiers are world-renowned for their mastery of the craft . Using premium cocoa beans and traditional techniques, coupled with often surprising and delicious ingredients, they create an array of velvety
pralines, truffles, and chocolates that are much sought after.

© Milo Profi


The first ever praline was created in the prestigious Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries in Brussels.


If there is such a thing as a ‘national obsession,’ then we need to talk about Belgian fries or frites. Belgians take their frites seriously, with a two-step frying process that results in a perfect balance of crispiness and fluffiness. Served with an array of sauces, from traditional mayonnaise to more exotic options like samurai sauce, they’re a beloved street food. 

Often, frites are paired with a hearty beef stew or mussels, a culinary symbol of the Belgian coast. Mussels are enjoyed in countless variations. Whether served in a fragrant broth of white wine and herbs or paired with a creamy garlic sauce, moules-frites is a classic dish that embodies the country’s love for fresh seafood.

© Milo Profi


The Belgian Beer Culture is steeped in history and diversity. With over 1,700 different beers, it offers an unparalleled selection. 

Trappist ales, brewed by monks, are revered for their complex flavours. Lambics, spontaneously fermented beers, provide a sour and unique taste. The attention to detail and reverence for tradition make Belgian beer a cultural treasure, with UNESCO recognition to its credit.

Cuisine in Flanders is a symphony of flavours. A testament to the region’s rich culinary heritage and dedication to quality ingredients. 

Whether enjoying a bag of fries from a street vendor (a ‘frietkot’), beer at a festival, or a fine dining experience in one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants, Flanders-Belgium provides the traveller with a culinary journey that is sure to leave a lasting impression, not to mention a taste for more.