France Has A Reopening Plan 

France is getting ready to re-open for international visitors from outside the European Union beginning June 9, 2021.

International visitors would be required to present a health pass which would provide proof of vaccination, or a negative PCR test or a proof of their immunity (COVID-19 recovery certificate).

The pass would be in the form of a QR code, in a paper or a digital format.

In announcing the plans for reopening, it was also indicated that as the terms and conditions of the health pass are not yet known, Canadian tourists wishing to travel to France should check the rules of entry authorization before purchasing their tickets.

Information will be available soon on the website of the French Embassy in Canada.

As well, anyone planning to travel or live outside of Canada is advised to read the Canadian Government’s Travel Reports and Warnings as well as the conditions for returning to Canada.

The reopening timeline is as follows:

Step 1 – May 3

  • Curfew (7 pm) and work from home remain in place
  • Restrictive measures for shops and businesses remain unchanged
  • Reopening of junior and senior high schools with capacity limits
  • Interregional travel no longer restricted

Step 2 – May 19

  • Curfew (9 pm) and work from home remain in place
  • Shops and businesses can re-open (venues reopening must implement and respect sanitary protocols)
  • Reopening of cafes and restaurants, outdoors only, with a maximum of 6 per table (unless local/regional sanitary situation deteriorates)
  • Museum, monuments, theatres, auditoriums with seated audience can reopen with 800 maximum capacity indoors and 1,000 outdoors
  • Reopening of covered and outdoor sports facilities with 800 maximum capacity indoors and 1,000 outdoors
  • Resumption of sports activities in covered and outdoor facilities with adapted protocol.
  • Gathering of more than 10 people prohibited

Step 3 – June 9

  • Reopening of cafes and restaurants, including indoor dining, with a  maximum of 6 per table
  • Possibility to welcome up to 5,000 people in cultural and sports facilities (subject to health pass)
  • Reopening of gyms: contact sport only allowed outdoors
  • Reopening of fairs and exhibitions – up to 5,000 people with health pass (subject to health pass)
  • Curfew moved to 11 pm
  • Reception of foreign tourists (subject to health pass)

Step 4 – June 30

  • End of curfew
  • End of capacity limit for establishments welcoming the general public
  • Social distancing and other protective measures remain in place
  • Access to any public event with more than 1,000 people indoors and outdoors (with health pass) – unless the local/regional sanitary situation deteriorates
  • Nightclubs remain closed