Full Of Surprises


Croatia’s Dalmatia coast is full of surprises; not least its stunning beauty to those who don’t know the unlikely sliver of the country wedged between Bosnia-Herzogovina and the Adriatic Sea, running north from Dubrovnik, reports Press Today’s Mike Baginski.

The town of Ston, for example, boasts the second-longest fortified wall in the world after China’s Great Wall, and Europe’s oldest and largest salt works (the former was built to protect the latter).

Another surprise: Dubrovnik county is actually physically separated from the rest of Croatia by a 24-km stretch of Bosnia that stretches down to the sea.

The bad news: there is a border crossing, times two, that causes line-ups on weekends and summer holidays for those travelling from the main part of Croatia to Dubrovnik, or vice versa; the good news — two countries for the price of one, with a requisite selfie stop to prove it.