Halifax Stanfield upgrades facilities, AIF to be increased

Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) is preparing to implement the next phase of its current 10-year capital plan to upgrade its facilities, expand current services and enhance the passenger/visitor experience at Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Highlights of HIAA’s comprehensive capital plan include the following major infrastructure improvements: Expand both Domestic/International and US Preclearance check-in halls to accommodate new passenger processing models for increased capacity and efficiency; Upgrade baggage handling and baggage screening systems to improve security and increase efficiency; Extend the main runway to 10,500 feet to accommodate larger cargo and passenger aircraft; Expand the US Preclearance holdroom to increase capacity; Replace three emergency response/fire vehicles for greater safety; Reconfigure airport roadways to increase traffic capacity; and expand and upgrade utility infrastructure. To help fund these initiatives, the Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) is being increased to $25 from $20, effective Jan. 1, 2013. This change will be reflected on airline tickets sold on or after Oct. 1 for Halifax passengers whose flight departs on or after Jan. 1, 2013.