Levy on arriving air passengers suggested: CTC

The time has come for this country’s tourist trade to consider calling for a levy on air passengers arriving in Canada, with the money raised used to help promote Canada as a tourism destination internationally, says the head of the Canadian Tourism Commission. Michele McKenzie said during a March 6 panel discussion during the Hotel Association of Canada’s annual conference in Toronto that such a levy should be considered, adding they’re common in other countries. McKenzie says funds should be used to promote Canadian tourism alone, and not wind up in general government revenues as the hotel association says is now the case with various airport surcharges. The suggestion comes at a time when those lobbying for a stronger international tourism presence say Canadian efforts are lagging. McKenzie said the levy would only be a “positive”if the revenue is used in tourism promotion. If the money was collected and used outside tourism, any levy would be damaging to this country’s tourist trade, she said.