Living In The Land Of The Tuskers  

Exodus Travels has launched a new documentary entitled Living in the Land of the Tuskers for World Elephant Day (Aug. 12).

Filmed and directed by Exodus’ own Olly Pemberton, the short film showcases the work being done together with Kenyan conservation experts Tsavo Trust and the Tofauti Foundation to support the continued roll-out of its Free to Roam elephant conservation project that was launched last year in Kenya’s Tsavo West National Park.

The project, which is funded through The Exodus Travels Foundation, aims to allow elephants and other wildlife to thrive by empowering Tsavo communities to give 90% of land back to nature, while increasing food security for the Kamungi Conservancy by delivering permaculture training for locals who own the remaining 10 percent. This buffer zone aims to help form a peaceful co-existence between local wildlife and members of the surrounding community.

Through this project, the Tsavo Trust and the Tofauti Foundation encourage the WeKamba communities to engage in the conservation of elephants and other wildlife, and the improved farming will generate economic opportunities so the local families can become self-sufficient through sustainable means.

Kyalo Ndeto, a farm owner who lives close to the park, is one of the project participants and is interviewed in the documentary. He describes how he used to hate wildlife, especially elephants, as they would eat all his crops, and he couldn’t envision any benefits resulting from wildlife or their conservation.

Through this project however, he is now able to harvest 100% of what he plants and his attitude towards wildlife has completely shifted: “There are more benefits that could be realized from co-existing harmoniously with wildlife,” says Ndeto.

Patricia Sims, founder of World Elephant Day said: “The Exodus Travels ‘Free to Roam Project’ in Tsavo beautifully demonstrates that positive results are possible when travel companies, conservation organizations, and local communities work together to achieve a peaceful and sustainable co-existence between elephants, wildlife and people, where everyone wins.

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