Lufthansa City Center Adds In Canada

Lufthansa City Center Canada Travel Office is the latest new franchise member of Lufthansa City Center, and has been operating in the market since 2002. The corporate focused agency belongs to Airnets International.

The company has been active in Canada for the past 30 years.

Airnets works with the largest networks/host agencies in Canada providing the highest level of technical service for more than 80 airline contracts. Furthermore, Airnets has been recognized by many airlines over the years as an elite agency in terms of sales volumes.

Martina Groenegres, Managing Director of Lufthansa City Center International (LCCI), said: “We are thrilled to have reached this milestone and welcome Canada as the 100th country. This achievement speaks for the dedication of all our team members establishing a strong presence in key markets worldwide, for the power of our trusted brand and the top-notch quality of our independent expert’s network of our 550 LCC members, providing exceptional services to LCC travellers worldwide,”

Groenegres continued: “Our latest expansion allows us to better serve our global corporate customers and strengthens our position as TMC. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of local cultures and customs, Lufthansa City Center is uniquely positioned to provide tailored solutions to our customers worldwide.”

She pointed out: “Our latest entry, Airnets International, deliver exceptional customer services with a top reputation in the domestic Canadian and global market. Rebranded to LCC Canada Travel Office, they will be the perfect fit to our entrepreneurial network, offering tickets and tours from and within Canada to the global LCC network and servicing international LCC corporate customers as fulfilment partner already.”

Sam Patel, owner of LCC Canada Travel Office, said: “Selling Lufthansa for the past 30 years and understanding the highly regarded and well recognized airline brand, we could not pass the opportunity of joining the Lufthansa City Center family. The opportunities of the LCC network are endless. Working with other DMC’s, corporate and leisure agencies in over 100 countries, gives us the reach to work and expand our business to continue to grow.”

Brendan Shashoua, Head of Sales Canada Lufthansa Group, said: “The Lufthansa Group is thrilled to finally see the first Lufthansa City Center agency in Canada. Our mutual customers will enjoy the global corporate and leisure network of top quality service providers, global vendors, as well as top-notch technology environment Lufthansa City Center enhances the existing portfolio”

Shashoua added: ”We are proud that Canada enters LCC history as the 100th LCC country – a significant achievement that demonstrates the company’s experience and expertise in the global corporate and leisure travel arena.”

In the first four months of 2023, Lufthansa City Center International grew by 32 LCC agencies and added 7 new countries to the network: Algeria, Cambodia, Ireland, Laos, Maldives, Namibia – and now Canada.

By the end of last year, Chile, Cuba, Costa Rica, Finland, Iceland, Iraq, Mauritius, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Sweden were added to the LCC global network.

In addition to its corporate relevance, Lufthansa City Center also strongly develops its DMC expertise. To date, 92 Lufthansa City Center members in 65 countries carry the additional quality seal of “LCC DMC Partner”, providing comprehensive incoming destination expertise, MICE infrastructure and know-how in their respective countries.

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