Lufthansa launches private jet service in NA

Lufthansa will introduce its premium Lufthansa Private Jet service to the North American market on Feb. 1, 2012. The move has been made possible by an expanded relationship with NetJets Inc., and the new service builds upon the popular Lufthansa Private Jet product that is already operated in Europe in conjunction with NetJets Europe. Lufthansa Private Jet will provide flights tailored to the customer’s itinerary throughout North America on a fleet of aircraft managed and operated by NetJets. Lufthansa Private Jet service in North America is available through an interchange program with NetJets Europe. Travel can be booked through Lufthansa and in seamless combination with transatlantic flights arriving or departing from the 21 North America destinations serviced by Lufthansa and SWISS or for direct point-to-point travel within the North America coverage area, which includes over 3,000 airports. Full details are available at .