Members Dine And Discover With TRAVELSAVERS CANADA

TRAVELSAVERS CANADA recently hosted its second Dine & Discover network event on May 30 at Toronto’s Casa Ricca Banquet Hall.

Following the first Dine & Discover in Laval, Quebec, the Toronto event hosted roughly 80 attendees including advisors, managers, owners and 16 supplier partners to provide affiliates with insights on its latest products, best-in-class tools and trends.

After 52 years as travel marketing experts, the consortia continues to grow, modernizing its strategies and tools, educating travel agencies and providing the best possible service to clients.

Canadian travel advisors had an opportunity to connect with suppliers and exchange industry insights at the TRAVELSAVERS Dine & Discover educational event.

Alfiero Cavallo, Owner of Verona Travel Ltd., observed that: “This is a great event by TRAVELSAVERS, and I think it’s awesome to get all the sellers here and rediscover what’s going on in the industry.”

Additionally, many preferred suppliers had a one-on-one opportunity to interact with advisors and share their newest brand innovations, strategies and offerings.

Michelle Lanoue-Williams, Business Development Manager at WestJet Vacations, said: “It’s a way for us as suppliers to interact with a larger majority of the selling team.”

Lanoue-Williams continued: “The occasion to meet in-person, discuss strategies, and develop stronger connections is priceless at an event like Dine & Discover with less in-person opportunities at work due to fewer bricks and mortar agencies and more independent contractors.”

TRAVELSAVERS CANADA is committed to providing its partners with a competitive edge that stands out in the market. The Dine & Discover events encourage key players in the industry to learn from one another through informative presentations and create meaningful network connections for better business, relationships and services.

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