Mr. Porter’s House Party Takes Off In Toronto

Well that was quite a party, wasn’t it…

Porter Airlines hosted 600 guests – including corporate clients, travel agencies, partners and others – for a House Party at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto this week.

Mr. Porter’s House Party – as the event was aptly themed – gave those attending a chance to experience Porter’s signature hospitality and generous service, immersing them in Porter’s style, care and charm, while showcasing its inflight offering and promoting key benefits of its elevated economy experience.

Guests also had a chance to experience what makes Porter so unique — free beer and wine, premium snacks, no middle seats — and also learn about Porter’s new product features — free WiFi and fresh healthy meal options on longer flights on the E195-E2) — and destinations.

Porter Airlines’ Dash 8 and E195-E2 networks were also in the spotlights as the airline highlighted its destinations from Billy Bishop and Pearson.

And those attending also enjoyed a live two-hour set from DJ and producer Marsh.

All in all, it was an evening of surprises from an airline that’s had a transformative year. In fact, since February of this year – when it launched its new Embraer E195-E2 jets from Pearson International, Porter has done what it has always done and that’s redefine passenger expectations as to what air travel is all about.

Stay tuned, there will be more on Porter in the next issue of Travel Courier.