Natural Tobago Unveiled


Tracy Davidson-Celestine (second from left) promises that nature-lovers will be in their element in Tobago.

Davidson-Celestine, with the island’s Division of Tourism & Transportation, told a Toronto audience Wednesday that Tobago is “116 square miles of pristine beauty.” Its attributes include its having over 20 beaches, the largest brain coral in the Western Hemisphere, something divers will be able to appreciate, and the oldest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere, with that rainforest having dozens of bird species.

Tobago is working on a Heritage Trail program that will link many of its “endless historical landmarks.” A zipline may be in the works for 2015 and a conference facility that will be able to accommodate 5,000 people is being built, she added.

Pictured are Joel Jack, Tobago’s secretary of Finance and Enterprise Development, Davidson-Celestine, Trinidad and Tobago’s Canadian representative Alison Ferguson, and John Arnold of the Division of Tourism & Transportation.