New ACTA Board Elected At Virtual AGM

ACTA held its annual general meeting earlier this week – the second year in row that it was held virtually – with the session presided over by Mary Jane Hiebert CTC, Chair of the ACTA Board of Directors.

Hiebert thanked the current Board of Directors for continuing to serve for an extended term while the travel industry coped with the devastating impact of the COVID-19 health and economic crisis.

And she also thanked outgoing directors André Desmarais, Andrew Enns, Eric Holenka and Michael Thompson.

ACTA Treasurer Louise Gardiner presented the financial statements and Auditor’s Report for the fiscal year ended Dec. 31, 2020.

Due to the timing of the pandemic, ACTA was fortunate to have already collected the majority of revenue from membership and partnerships.

However, the ACTA board reacted immediately and working with ACTA management, made strategic decisions to effectively manage priorities and resources to better position the organization in the months and years ahead.

The decision was made to not renew the office lease at the end of 2020 and two staff positions were eliminated.

ACTA was eligible for wage and rent subsidies which reduced expenses — and all meetings were held virtually, also reducing expenses.

ACTA’s year-end results allowed the organization to manage the anticipated losses in 2021 and as government subsidies wind down, ACTA President Wendy Paradis will work closely with the Board Finance Committee to ensure that ACTA continues to be sustainable into 2022 and beyond.

Members voted on the nine positions available to the Board of Directors and the newly elected Board of Directors appointed three positions to round out the 12-person Board.

The ACTA Board of Directors for the year 2021-2022 is:

  • Mary Jane Hiebert CTC – Chair, representing Manitoba/Nunavut region
  • Liz Fleming – Vice Chair, representing British Columbia/Yukon region
  • Louise Gardiner CTM, – Treasurer, Director at Large
  • Peter Keyter, representing Alberta/Northwest Territories region
  • Karen Schabel CTM, representing Saskatchewan region
  • Mike Foster CTC, representing Ontario region
  • Stéphane Corbeil, representing Québec region
  • Glenda Hunter CTM, representing Atlantic region
  • Richard Vanderlubbe, Director at Large,
  • Patrick Doyle, Appointed
  • Monica Johnstone CTC, Appointed
  • Brian Robertson, Appointed

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Note: Missing from the Photo is Glenda Hunter CTM