Travel Webcast

Celebrating Asia


In conjunction with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, The Hong Kong Tourism Board and Hong Kong Airlines, Goway recently launched its new 2016 Asia planner to the travel trade in Ontario. For the month of March, Goway’s Eastern business development managers, Aubrey Schmidt and Sam Cottar hit the pavement, extolling the virtues of booking Asia with Goway and announcing all the special deals they set aside combining Goway’s top Asia destinations, Hong Kong and Thailand. Agents were presented with fortune cookies, each containing a winning message to earn extra bonus commission, cash incentives on their Goway rewards cards, free Thailand three-day Elephant Hills Experience packages and one grand prize of a free trip to Thailand and Hong Kong, including air. The grand prize winner was Diana Godin from CAA East Mall Etobicoke. Pictured, left, (l-r) Debora Verge, Glenda D’Cruz, Diana Godin (grand prize winner), Cottar and Laila Muller from CAA, East Mall Etobicoke. Pictured, right, (l-r) Ramona Mitchell, Schmidt and Tanya Lowe, from Travelplus Kitchener.