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Experience Anguilla at Home

The Anguilla Tourist Board (ATB) is launching a new online platform offering visitors an opportunity to experience the best of Anguilla from the comfort of their own homes.


Experience Anguilla At Home is an immersive video and audio platform showcasing the very best of the island. With 20 videos and a curated Spotify playlist, visitors are encouraged to taste, learn, watch and listen in order to truly transport themselves to Anguilla.  Experience Anguilla At Home offers a variety of multimedia platforms in the following categories: Anguilla Experiences, Food and Drinks to Make, Meditation and Motivation, Music and Culture, and Meet the Locals.


Experience Anguilla At Home content explores the island from point to point, with suggested activities based on one’s interests, utilizing live video feeds, drone footage and sights and sounds to engage viewers in Anguilla.


The new platform offers travellers new perspectives on iconic locations and activities around the island, allowing the destination to open its doors to the world, despite the borders being temporarily closed.


“With travel restricted due to COVID-19, we are excited to be offering visitors and fans a virtual experience of our beloved island,” said Shellya Webster, ATB Manager, Corporate Affairs. “Research shows people have become “armchair travellers”, they want to visit destinations virtually, and Experience Anguilla At Home offers a unique way for people to immerse themselves in our island. We hope travellers will find much needed respite, relaxation and joy on our new platform – which is in essence what attracts those seeking the perfect vacation to Anguilla. With Experience Anguilla At Home, we are inspiring them to not just envision but also plan their Anguilla escape, once they are ready and able to travel again in the not too distant future.”