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Going Mobile At Istanbul Airport

Mobile Information Desks have been recently introduced at the international terminal of Istanbul Airport, another step in improving the customer experience.

The mobility of these desks enables them to be transferred to required points corresponding with passenger flow. Their digitals screens mean passengers can access information about flights and warnings, such as important COVID-19 information.

As well, the mobile information desks are manned by in-person staff and are an addition to the 10 information desks and 23 digital information kiosks already in place.

This new feature is yet another aspect of a seamless passenger experience through touchless technologies, artificial intelligence, and biometrics at the Istanbul Airport that uses: Queue Management System to measure and react to wait times in real time; Passenger Information Systems providing interactive guidance such as flight information, wayfinding, facility information, weather, and video streaming applications; and roaming  humanoid robots offering virtual assistance tasks in multiple languages as well as face-scanning technology for security purposes.