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Miami Shines


The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau says visits for those who haven’t seen Miami in sometime are overdue. “If you haven’t been to Miami in the last few years, we like to tell people you haven’t been to Miami. There’s a renaissance in the destination,” the bureau’s Jennifer Diaz said during a Thursday night Toronto gathering. Diaz singled out the downtown area in particular as being worthy of renewed attention, saying a once quite quiet area is now “one of the most exciting parts of town.” Among downtown developments is the late 2015 opening of the EAST hotel, which is part of an Asian company that previously has only had hotels in China, Diaz noted. Pictured are Joanne Scalamogna of Access Marketing, Jennifer Haz of the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, Diaz and Zachary Felter of 1 Hotel in Miami’s South Beach district.