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SellOff’s top sellers are stars

SellOff’s top sellers are starsThe annual Star Elite trip for SellOffVacations.com top selling agents was hosted by the Nevada Commission of Tourism and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Agents experienced some exhilarating thrills like a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, rafting down the Colorado River, a 4×4 sand rail adventure, behind the scenes of the Hoover Dam and lots more. SellOffVacations.com agents also had an opportunity to explore the famous Las Vegas strip as well as experiencing the historic Freemont Street area. Janine Chapman, vice-president of retail for SellOffVacations.com, said that: “While some of our agents got lucky in the casino, and many had luck with the shopping outlet deals, all of our Star Elite agents felt lucky to have experienced so much hospitality from the state of Nevada.” Photo provided courtesy of LV Wedding Connections.