Sophia Loren Sets Sail With MSC Cruises

Sophia Loren is the celebrated godmother for the MSC Cruises fleet in a relationship that spans nearly 20 years and the internationally renowned movie star embodies the core essence of MSC Cruises with her European style and glamour. As one of the greatest female stars of Classic Hollywood cinema, Loren has visited some of the world’s most renowned destinations and has a passion for travel. Leading up to the launch of MSC Seascape in New York City, the award-winning actress is sharing a list of her favourite chic destinations that she has visited over the years.

She said: “Throughout my life I have had the privilege of visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world, so it was hard to pick just a few that top the list. What makes these destinations so special are the unique experiences I have had in each one, from naming a glamorous cruise ship to creating special memories with my family. For me, travelling is all about experiencing new people and places and, in turn, discovering yourself all over again. Each of these destinations provide a chic atmosphere to unwind, relax and truly immerse yourself in a new place and its unique culture.”

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