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Special guest

Special guestPrincess Cruises passengers aboard Star Princess last week were treated to a special presentation from the soldier who sent the message ending World War II in Europe. When he was an Army Signal Corps sergeant in 1945, 20-year-old Gregory Melikian was tasked with sending the telegraph message from General Dwight Eisenhower announcing the end of the war in Europe. The message, originating from a schoolhouse in Reims, France — the makeshift Allied headquarters — was sent shortly after the surrender of German forces. For serving in France at this time, he is also being considered for the French Legion of Honour. Hundreds of passengers joined Cruise Director Martyn Moss in the Princess Theater for a question-and-answer session, and many lined up afterward just to shake the hand that sent that historic telegraph. Pictured, Captain Edward Perrin with Gregory Melikian on the Star Princess bridge.