That’s A Wrap For Ottawa Advisor

Retailer Proud Owner Of First Sandals Wrapped Recreational Vehicle In Canada

Since the onset of the pandemic, hundreds of Canadian travel advisors from coast to coast have taken advantage of the free Sandals Car Wrap program and the many benefits that driving a wrapped vehicle brings – namely, increased visibility as a trusted travel expert and aligning themselves with the power of the Sandals brand.

But Kim Paquette, a TPI advisor from Ottawa, Ontario has taken her mobile marketing to the next level with her decision to wrap her RV – the first ever in Canada – and now drives a moving billboard, literally and figuratively.

The Sandals Car Wrap Program is easy and proven to work in generating bookings to Sandals and Beaches Resorts.  And the best part?  It’s a US$3000 value at no cost to the travel advisor.   Advisors have full control over the images they want to adorn their vehicle, allowing them to showcase any of their niche markets such as weddings, family travel and golf.  In addition, vehicle wraps are not limited to just cars and trucks.  Think boats and golf carts, too!

For more information on how the Sandals Car Wrap Program can help drive success your way, Canadian travel advisors can contact their local Sandals BDM or call Inside Sales at 1-800-545-8283 or visit