Plaza Premium Group launches ambitious growth plans

Plaza Premium Group (PPG) has announced it will significantly expand its presence across the Americas. This endeavour is a testament to the Group’s larger commitment to invest US$300 million globally over the next three years. Focused on advancing sustainable solutions, integrating cutting-edge technologies, and elevating customer experiences, PPG is dedicated to making travel better for all.

The strategic move aims to reinforce PPG’s dedication to delivering 360-degree integrated end-to-end airport services, providing a seamless travel experience for every customer, whether they’re arriving, in transit, or departing.

Expansion highlights include:

  • Personalized Services: Travelers can expect more personalized services, increased lounge access, new flagship locations, and seamless digital solutions across both Plaza Premium Lounges and ALLWAYS Meet and Assist concierge services.
  • Regional Focus: Major efforts will be concentrated on Canada, the United States, and Brazil, with significant projects in Toronto and Vancouver, and new lounges in high-traffic U.S. cities like Las Vegas and Washington, D.C.
  • Evolved Partnerships: PPG will continue its partnerships with Capital One and Visa to develop branded lounges and provide tailored premium experiences. The company aims to extend its award-winning experience to partners, including recent additions such as Desjardins.
  • Smart Traveler: Enhanced membership and rewards program, Smart Traveler, will continue to offer exclusive benefits and personalized experiences to frequent travellers.

Pascal Belanger, Senior Vice President of the Americas, said that: “As travellers increasingly seek personalized and seamless experiences, Plaza Premium Group is harnessing technology and research to redefine airport hospitality.”

Belanger continued: “Our investment in cutting-edge technologies like OneTECO and advancements in robotics and AI underpins our commitment to setting new standards. These initiatives aim to enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer experiences across our global footprint, creating the perfect destination before departure.'”

The investment is aligned with recent consumer reports and trends, including studies indicating that 70% of travellers desire more lounge access, greater personalization, and an integrated digital solution, like an app, for all services, highlighting the growing demand for premium airport experiences.

The ACI 2023 Global Traveler Survey, which Plaza Premium Group sponsors, reveals that 67% of respondents stated they would likely use an app that facilitates navigation and wayfinding, underscoring the importance of seamless digital solutions in enhancing the travel experience.

As Plaza Premium Group expands its footprint in the Americas, it reaffirms its commitment to enhancing global travel experiences, with Canada standing as one of its earliest and continuing focus markets since 2004.

Song Hoi-see, Founder of Plaza Premium Group, pointed out that: “Since our inception, Plaza Premium Group has been driven by a singular goal: to make travel better. Our journey began with the vision of providing accessible and luxurious airport hospitality services to all travelers, regardless of their class of travel or ticket type. Our Americas expansion is a significant milestone in our continued pursuit of excellence.”

Plaza Premium Group believes that the airport lounge is more than just a transitory space; it’s a destination in itself. This belief is central to their latest initiative, “Proudly Local,” which aims to redefine the airport lounge experience into a ‘destination before departure’ whilst showcasing its commitment in being a key player in the local community with a proudly local approach.

Plaza Premium Group will curate lounges that showcase the best of local cultures within each host city. Guests can experience a unique travel experience in every touchpoint, from the moment they enter the lounge to a range of local food and beverage offerings and a sense of place, setting the tone for a memorable pre-flight experience. Initially piloted in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Nagoya, Adelaide, Rome, and Dubai, this initiative will soon expand to North America.

Belanger said: “This strategic investment heralds a new era of excellence in airport innovation. By anticipating and adapting to emerging technologies, industry trends and traveler expectations, PPG will be at the forefront of airport innovation.”

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