On The Road In Split


Visitors to Croatia — even those in the country on Independence Day, Oct. 8 — will see little evidence of the war that resulted from the nation’s secession from the Yugoslavian federation in 1991. To the untrained eye, the Balkan nation has fully recovered in the 23 years since, though what is called the Homeland War, or the Serbian Aggression, still lingers in the minds and memories of residents old enough to have lived through the bombing of cities like Dubrovnik. “When you lose everything and your house is burned to the ground, and it takes you 20 years to get it back, you remember,” one resident told PressToday correspondent Mike Baginski, who is on the road in Croatia. Still, for visitors at least, the war is ancient history, and any qualms about visiting this Balkan jewel are utterly unfounded…

Caption: Residents of Split, Croatia, enjoy the Independence Day holiday on Oct. 8 on the city’s famed Riva waterfront promenade.