Romantik finds cooperation key to positive results

It appears that cooperation is definitely the route to success. Romantik Hotels & Restaurants is a perfect example, celebrating more than 40 years of cooperation and during its recent board meeting, it became clear that financial success has been the result of the groups privately-owned hotels working together. Romantik’s chairman, Roland Zadra observed: “Despite the economic difficulties, time and again our hotel cooperation demonstrates stability and great popularity with privately-owned hotels all over Europe.” Zadra noted that in October 2011, Romantik added 18 new hotels as members of the group, including two properties on Mallorca as well as properties in Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In surveying its members, Romantik found that 66% report that total turnover in 2011 has increased compared to the year 2010. Approximately 59% of the hoteliers report a higher occupancy rate and 36% indicate that they’re happy about an increasing interest in their gastronomical services. As well, 85% of the hotels have invested in upgrading and renovating rooms, restaurants and kitchen as well as buildings and technical equipment. Romantik board member, Inge Struckmeier commented: “We continue to be optimistic for the present year. The majority of the Romantik hoteliers in Germany and Austria expect stable development in the next six months. Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands anticipate a slight decrease. Nevertheless we are happy that the willingness to invest is great also in the year 2012.” In this respect, close to 76% of all Romantik hoteliers indicate they move ahead with their investments as planned in 2012. Go to for more.