Discover Québec with all your senses!


To give you a little taste of what Québec has to offer, watch the “Blind Love” promotional video, which will tap into all your senses. You will get to see some of Québec’s tourist attractions through the eyes, so to speak, of a visually impaired traveller.

White-water rafting, flying a helicopter, zip-lining over waterfalls… see a different side of Québec. Danny Keane, a real American tourist who was born blind, took up the challenge and travelled the province with a film crew recording every step of his journey.

We also recommend you try the interactive video featuring Keane’s memories from his trip. Click to play additional clips from a highlight reel as well as content allowing you to discover Québec through all five senses.

Come find out how good it feels to breathe, touch, hear and taste Québec in all its glory! A great adventure awaits you.

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