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From five-star restaurants to cozy bistros to laid-back cafés, Montréal is renowned for its culinary creativity and mouthwatering food scene.

For Rendez-vous Canada 2016, we have created a gourmet food map for you to follow on your free evenings, which includes some 50 restaurants situated near the Convention Centre and official hotels. Don’t forget to show your RVC badge to take advantage of exclusive perks reserved for delegates in participating restaurants. If you would like make your evening last even longer, we have also identified a bar per night that will act as our “headquarters” so that you can experience some of Montréal’s legendary joie de vivre. Don’t miss the chance to try the signature “Spécial Rendez-vous” cocktail that was created especially for you by our mixologists, which shines the spotlight on local products.

Eating well is an art, and Montrealers practice their art daily. Montréal is home to the highest concentration of restaurants per capita in North America, 23 of which recently made the list of the prestigious Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants for 2016.

Our love of food is celebrated throughout the year too. In the heart of winter, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE is host to one of the most gourmet happenings in North America. MTL à TABLE, our version of Restaurant Week, features delectable fixed-price menus. The event takes place at the beginning of November, and invites Montrealers and visitors to celebrate the wealth and variety of our restaurants. With some 350 food trucks and takeout food counters, our street food scene serves up a wide range of fresh, affordable and quality products spring through autumn.

Montréal’s food scene is a thrilling mix of culinary dishes from over 120 cultural communities, an array of local products and the limitless creativity of local chefs. Go to our blog to find out more and hot tips on the latest food trends.

We will be handing out our special RVC gourmet map during the welcome reception on Sunday, April 24, at the reception tables of official hotels and at the Tourisme Québec and Tourisme Montréal information booth at the Convention Centre.

Bon appétit!


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