Searching For Some Answers In Ontario’s North

A conversation with DNO’s Ian McMillan

Ian McMillan wants the answer to the question that everyone in the travel and tourism industry wants the answer to, which is: “When will vacation travel return to normal?”

Right now, the international marketing specialist for Destination Northern Ontario doesn’t know the answer to ‘when’ or even to ‘what normal will actually be.’ What McMillan does know is that “flexibility will be the key, from both a seller and buyer perspective” going forward … and forward is definitely the direction that he wants to be going in.

As for travel advisors, McMillan made it abundantly clear that: “I really believe that the role of the travel advisor will become even more important as we come out of COVID. I think consumers will still do their travel research online. But I think more now than ever, they will want that assurance of working with a travel professional to help make their travel plans come to life and navigate and address the challenges that will remain as we move forward.”

For the full story, check it out in CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.


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