Softvoyage Gets Personal


Softvoyage is certainly having a busy week. The company started by unveiling TripBook — click here to find out more – and it has now launched the Personalized Vacation Brochure. Both tools are free and available to SIREV users.

The Personalized Vacation Brochure is a new communication and sales tool available to travel agents subscribing to SIREV. Agents are able to leverage it as support or follow up to a sales call; to share a promotion or exceptional offer; or to simply keep the conversation going with a customer.

The Brochure is easy to create.

From a shopping result in SIREV, the agent generates for a customer a personalized Brochure accessible from the Web. The Brochure presents at a glance all the information about the proposed vacation plans — itinerary, travel components’ details, supplier’s description, a destination map, the SIREV tourist guide, and Monarc’s global property score and comments from Canadian travellers. The agent decides what price to display, adjusting or not the supplier’s selling price.

For the customer, it is a source of information and inspiration, which can be shared with relatives. Once a decision is made, the customer can then easily find the agency’s coordinates to complete the transaction.

And Softvoyage said that soon, travel agents will be able to attach to the Brochure, a booking form enabling customers to complete the transaction online.

Steve Ringuet, Softvoyage’s CEO, said that the Personalized Vacation Brochure is an additional tool available in a travel agent’s sales essential tool kit: “Canadian travel agents can now leverage this great tool to increase their sales. The Personalized Vacation Brochure helps agents develop the relationship with prospects and convert more opportunities into sales. Most customers will value having access to a personalized brochure, rich with complete information about the planned vacation, before making a decision. Once they made up their mind, they will logically contact their agent to complete a transaction.”

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