Talking Insurance In The World Of COVID-19

Travel agents often get more questions about travel insurance than almost anything else. Clients have concerns about pre-existing conditions. They want to understand what the fine print means — and they want to be sure they will not only get proper care at their destination, but be transported back home if required.

In these times when the terms Coronavirus or COVID-19 are in the news, travellers are especially concerned.
Asking questions like: “What will I be covered for if I am denied boarding at the airport after having paid for their trips? What happens if they are quarantined at their destination?”

In this week’s issue of Canadian Travel Press, Voices of Travel host, Ron Pradinuk will clarify the answers to these questions and more in his conversation with Will McAleer, the executive director of The Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THIA).

Pradinuk and McAleer will dig deep into this issue and others, including the impact of the Ontario government’s decision to no longer reimburse travellers for hospital or doctor services when they are out of country. Will other provinces follow and how much of an impact will it likely make on costs to their clients?

Travel agents need to know the answers to these questions and this podcast will help them serve their clients better.

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