Voices Of Travel With Doug Crozier And Tim Law

No one likes to think what legal problems could arise when a travel client wants only to forget about the real world for a while and enjoy a vacation or business trip. But from the client or travel agency perspectives there are important points which could have legal consequences.

In this show, Voices of Travel host, Ron Pradinuk talks with two of the principals in one of Canada’s leading firms serving the travel industry. The legal firm Heifetz Crozier Law have worked with some of the most important trade associations and corporations in the industry.

Pradinuk with talk to Doug Crozier and Tim Law about consumer protection programs that exist in some of the Canadian provinces; about challenges around pre-existing conditions from a legal perspective; and they’ll also discuss the things travel agencies need to understand when they have contract or outside agents.

Crozier and Law will also touch on the concept of Duty of Care as outlined in Canadian legislation, particularly related to travellers who spend time on the road on behalf of their companies. And finally they’ll outline some of the issues that need addressing before a final passenger protection act is completed in detail.

So take a listen as this week’s Voices of Travel offers some great insights on some key travel law issues in Canada.

In the photos

On the left, Tim Law. On the right, Doug Crozier.