TDC: It’s All About That WOW Experience

It’s all about the WOW these days at Transat Distribution Canada (TDC).

As Louise Fecteau will tell you, she has no doubt that retail travel professionals will be around for a long, long time just as long as “they provide their customer with a different experience — a WOW experience.”

Fecteau, who is TDC’s general manager, explained that by finding that WOW, travel professionals will be able to increase their business with existing clients, while generating additional business with new clients – all by offering them something different.

In fact during its recent Mission Possible conferences in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver this fall, TDC offered its members WOW Effect and Storytelling training sessions designed to help them understand how to go about creating that WOW for their customers.

The point of all this, Fecteau told Canadian Travel Press, is because success in the retail travel business today — and moving into the future — is all about being laser-focused on the customer experience.

Now don’t misunderstand, Fecteau is clearly aware that all of this involves change as travel professionals today “have to know more than before” because travellers are going on the Web before they come into the agency. In many cases they know exactly the same thing that the travel professional knows.

And as a result, travel professionals have to be exceptionally well trained and provide their customers with a different sales experience.

For the full story, check out this week’s digital edition of Canadian Travel Press.


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