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TravelBrands Makes It Simple

Plus TravelBrands Earns Chairman’s Circle Honors In The US

While planning and booking group travel can be considered difficult, a new process from TravelBrands is making it a lot easier.

As of now, agents can block air seats through TravelBrands’ Access platform as opposed to via email and phone.

Frank DeMarinis, president & CEO, TravelBrands, explained that: “This year, we are looking at all the ways we can simplify processes and allow agents to work more efficiently. This means agents will no longer need to email the names and payment details back and forth or over the phone.”

DeMarinis continued: “Whether clients are travelling in groups for weddings, family reunions, bachelorettes or more, this new program can ease the booking process and manage files.”

The program on Access allows travel agents to access all the information in one place. Any block space agents have booked will be displayed. Agents can also view details of the group booking including passenger names, titles and more in an easy-to-read format.

If a travel agent chooses to book an air group with TravelBrands’ groups department, the travel agent will also be appointed a coordinator to book the group space online for them.

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TravelBrands Earns Chairman’s Circle Honors

TravelBrands has officially been recognized as a Chairman’s Circle honoree for another year in a row.

The U.S. Travel Association and Brand USA named 57 of the world’s highest volume tour operators and buyers as recipients of the annual Chairman’s Circle Honors award.

Elvi Cal, vice president, TravelBrands, said of the award: “I am thrilled to see that our efforts to showcase amazing American destinations and send Canadians to their favourite places in the U.S. are being recognized again this year. Once we are all ready, TravelBrands will strive to contribute even more to both the U.S. and Canadian travel industry. Thank you, Brand USA and U.S. Travel Association for this fantastic award.”

TravelBrands was celebrated for their significant inbound travel contributions to the U.S. from Canada.

Nominations are based on a variety of factors including customer volume, revenues and marketing campaigns. 57 organizations from all over the world, including TravelBrands, were recognized this year.

The awards are typically held at a ceremony during U.S. Travel’s annual IPW trade show.

This year, the awards were virtually delivered from U.S. Travel President and CEO Roger Dow as well as Brand USA President and CEO Christopher L. Thompson.

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