Travelport Takes Off With British Airways’ NDC Content

Travelport has announced that New Distribution Capability (NDC) content from British Airways is now live on the Travelport+ platform.

With Travelport, British Airways is delivering simplified access to NDC content to agents, so that travel retailers can easily book and service NDC offers for their customers. The content is available as of today in the UK and Ireland and will be followed by a global rollout for Travelport+ users around the world.

Ian Romanis, British Airways’ Director of Retail and Customer Relationship Management, said: “We’re delighted that, together with Travelport, we’re now providing agents with a view of all our products and dynamic fares. With everything all in one place, we are empowering agents to take control of a wide range of content available to them for a more efficient and seamless booking experience.”

The Content Curation Layer (CCL) within Travelport+ is driven by powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning capabilities in order to provide more accurate, relevant results for a faster, more streamlined booking experience for travel retailers.

Agents using Travelport+ will be able to easily search, compare, book and service British Airways’ content all in one place, with access to a wide range of rich content, fares, and unique offerings with just a few simple keystrokes.

Jason Clarke, Chief Commercial Officer, Travel Partners at Travelport, explained that: “Now that we have more content from different sources live in Travelport+, like British Airways NDC, agents can easily manage all aspects of their clients’ travel within a single view of product features, dynamic offers and ancillarie.”

Clarke added: “Travelport+ was designed to revolutionize the way airlines distribute their products by connecting suppliers directly with travel agents around the world through one unified platform. Following this launch, we will continue to deliver access to even more extensive offerings from British Airways, including personalized offers tailored to customer needs.”