Travel Webcast AirPRO program proves successful is reporting increased participation in its AirPRO Canada program. Since the launch in May, member participation in AirPRO Canada offerings totals 166 Canadian members registered as of late December. The most significant increase in participation came in the third quarter of 2012 as more member agencies learned about AirPRO Canada and its benefits. “The significant increase in the number of members participating in our AirPRO Canada program this year is a strong statement that our agency owners find a great deal of value in making more money selling air,”said vice-president Canada, Christine James. “This program is a member benefit that is having a tremendous impact on members’ profitability. There is no better time for our member agents to make money selling air and selling air smartly.”AirPRO allows members to earn up front point of sales commissions with more than 50 domestic and international airlines. has made AirPRO Canada easy to use with a simplified registration process, which is completed online. “This is a complete air solution featuring both domestic and international carriers exclusively available to members,”added James. (

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