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Lindblad-National Geographic’s Tahiti to Easter Island: Tales of the Pacific expedition is a 20-day voyage that follows in the wake of the early Polynesian navigators.

From Tahiti through the “low islands” of the Tuamotu Archipelago to the historically significant Pitcairn Archipelago, plus remote and enigmatic Easter Island, guests will discover islands that are virtually inaccessible and untouched.

Highlights include opportunities to dive, snorkel or explore by glass-bottom Zodiac the Pitcairn Islands, one of most unspoiled reef systems in the world, and the stunning reefs of Fakarava, part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve; the unusual geology and wildlife of Henderson Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and the culture of Easter Island, and viewing ancient burial sites and towering moai with an archeologist. The expedition departs Nov. 13.

Rates begin at $17,390 and guests that book now can receive a $2,000 air credit (available on new bookings only).


Travel Courier Issue Date: May 14, 2015
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