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Issue Date: Apr 30, 2018
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A ‘good step’ in the ‘right direction’



It’s not all negativity on the worldwide aviation security front. IATA SVP Nick Careen said his trade association has welcomed the establishment of the first Global Aviation Security Plan (GASeP) by the council of ICAO, as a “good step in the right direction.”
Careen told reporters, “GASeP has the potential to strengthen security globally by providing governments with a global plan to which they can align their national efforts.”
But he stressed, “The critical factor is implementation. It must be quick, comprehensive and global. States are sovereign, and there is no global security regulator, so governments must incorporate GASeP into their national plans or it will be ineffective.”
And, noting that the implementation of ICAO’s existing Standards and Recommended Practices for Aviation Security is “far from universal,” he reiterated, “Ultimately, governments have the primary responsibility for the security of their citizens – including when they are flying.”
Careen explained that capacity building is key to global uniformity stating, “Differences in the capacity of governments to keep their citizens are clear, and focused efforts will be needed to foster cooperation and capacity-building to enable states to meet their obligations.”