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The greatest gift … A son remembers

The greatest gift … A son remembers My greatest gift ever was to be your son. Call after call, message after message from all four corners of the globe with people sharing stories about how you affected their lives, the outpouring of love is overwhelming. For some, it was a single interaction with you that they have held... more ›
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Everything starts with a dream, including tourism

Everything starts with a dream, including tourism GAL HANA, Israel Counsel of Tourism for Canada [caption id="attachment_146197" align="alignright" width="220"] Hana[/caption]This week, Gal Hana takes CTP’s readers on a trip into the near future, offering some observations on how understanding the past and imagining the future can lead... more ›
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Technology as a catalyst for recovery

Exploring the future with Expedia Group

Technology as a catalyst for recovery Technological innovation will be the key driver in the industry’s recovery from the global pandemic and it will continue in that role going forward. And along with sharing its commitment to focus on this, the Expedia Group is also calling on all players in the global travel ecosystem to... more ›
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The Honourable Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart Remembered

A dreamer who made the imagined a reality

The Honourable Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart Remembered BOB MOWAT I remember my first meeting with Butch Stewart. It was at one of Sunquest Vacations’ annual fall launches at the onstellation Hotel out by Pearson Airport in Toronto back in the early 1980s. He was working the room. Proudly handing out brochures featured his newly... more ›
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What’s the outlook?

CLIA report charts the course for 2021

What’s the outlook? While 2020 was challenging beyond description, new research indicates that there is optimism on the horizon with two out of three cruisers willing to cruise within a year and 58% of international vacationers, who have never cruised, likely to cruise in the next few years. That was one of... more ›
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Brand USA maps out its path to the future

Brand USA maps out its path to the future Special to Canadian Travel Press Chris Thompson, President & CEO of Brand USA sits down with Canadian Travel Press to map out the path the organization is following as it looks forward to welcoming Canadian travellers back to the US once it is safe to do so. How and when do you see travel... more ›
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Remembering Charlotte Bell

'A proud, strong and passionate leader'

Remembering Charlotte Bell The Canadian tourism industry was both shocked and saddened by the news of the passing of Charlotte Bell, the president and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC). [caption id="attachment_145794" align="alignright" width="220"] Charlotte Bell[/caption]In a message to TIAC... more ›
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Put this on the menu

National working group needed to support restaurant industry’s revival

Put this on the menu IAN STALKER A nationwide group that lobbies on behalf of this country›s restaurants is calling for the formation of a working group aimed at helping the restaurant industry recover from a coronavirus pandemic fallout that it warns is having a “catastrophic” impact on those it... more ›
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Personal Electronic Devices and the Canada/US Border

Personal Electronic Devices and the Canada/US Border When commercial travel picks up again, businesspeople will be crossing the Canada/US border with increased regularity. Also with increasing regularity, they’ll be doing so in the company of a Personal Electronic Device (“PED”). A recent Alberta Court of Appeal decision noted the growth... more ›
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Making the connection

Online travel industry growth will accelerate in Canada

Making the connection CTP STAFF According to GlobalData, the Canadian government’s plans to connect 98% of Canadians to high-speed internet by 2026 will only accelerate online travel demand. The global data and analytics company points out that the online travel intermediary market value already easily... more ›
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