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Seize every opportunity

And be ready when your clients are ready

Seize every opportunity BOB MOWAT While she admits that there are still more questions than answers, TL Network’s Canadian vice-president, Christine James believes that the fog that we’ve all been trying to find our way through is slowly lifting. James, speaking at TL Network’s Canada in late November, told... more ›
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Boring sucks!

Mandy Farmer has a vision that takes hotels out of the ordinary

Boring sucks! ANN RUPPENSTEIN When the pandemic hit, Mandy Farmer felt an immense amount of pressure not to be the one responsible for driving the family business that dates back to 1986 into the ground. “I truly felt that I was going to be the one to lose the family’s business and that is an amazing... more ›
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COVID-19 and Canadian travel intentions

Outbound Canada releases Winter 2020-2021 Outlook

COVID-19 and Canadian travel intentions Outbound Canada In its Winter Travel Intentions Outlook for the Winter of 2020-2021, Outbound Canada reports that: “As would be expected, the COVID-19 crisis continues to have a substantial impact on the travel activity of Canadians. The most recent travel intentions survey indicates... more ›
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I’ve looked at this from both sides, now … seriously

Some final thoughts … at least for now …

I’ve looked at this from both sides, now … seriously BOB MOWAT Yes, I’ve looked at clouds from both sides, now … and frankly, I agree with Joni, I really don’t know clouds at all. In fact, these days, I find myself floating some-where between the cloudy hopes of guarded optimism and the hazy worries of cautious pessimism. Trying to... more ›
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Looking Forward: The next 12 months of travel

Looking Forward: The next 12 months of travel JOEL OSTROV President, Canada East Region Direct Travel Although we haven’t made it to the annual finish line quite yet, there is no question that 2020 will go down as one of the toughest years on record. Particularly for an industry that values face-to-face interactions and experiencing... more ›
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Encouraging signs of a recovery in early 2021

Encouraging signs of a recovery in early 2021 LOUISE FECTEAU General Manager Transat Distribution Canada Last year, I began this by saying that in the world of tourism, certain unpredictable events sometimes take on overwhelming importance overnight and become inevitable. [caption id="attachment_145522" align="alignright" width="220"]... more ›
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Listen, watch, understand

Restoring traveller confidence, creating opportunity

Listen, watch, understand REBECCA CREGAN Director, Market Management Expedia Group As the travel industry looks to 2021 with optimism that a potential COVID-19 vaccine will restore traveler confidence and create more opportunity for travel next year, Expedia Group conducted a global survey (1) measuring consumer... more ›
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Cooperation: The common thread in every scenario

Cooperation: The common thread in every scenario BRETT WALKER General Manager, International Business Operations Collette So, the worst-case scenario would be for continued uncertainty for our industry and seemingly changing or otherwise unknown optimal epidemiological outcomes for the country as a whole. The narratives in political... more ›
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What’s standing in their way?

Observations on the roadblocks on the path forward

What’s standing in their way? RICHARD VANDERLUBBE President tripcentral.ca We surveyed customers to test what was standing in their way to book travel. There were 3 large blockers:  The 14-day quarantine  The worry about not getting a refund And the fear of being quarantined abroad. There were others,... more ›
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Forecast 2021: What’s next?

Time for all of us to dream again

Forecast 2021: What’s next? ERIC BARBER VP National Sales Realstar Hospitality Before I start my predictions for scenarios for 2021, I have to contemplate first how 2020 completely unravelled for the entire travel industry, with the most disruptive economic hit ever to our business, worse than 9/11, SARS and the 2008... more ›
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