TraveLaw: Risk allocation

When bad things happen, who bears the burden?

TraveLaw: Risk allocation Written contracts accomplish several things. Examples include the identification of the parties to be legally bound, each party’s contractual obligations, the applicable timelines and deadlines, financial payments and their timing, and so forth. One of the most important functions of a... more ›
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Leave 2020 in the ashes and light the torch for 2021

Leave 2020 in the ashes and light the torch for 2021 INEKE BRINKMAN (Isolating in Blind Bay and working in St. Catharines as an independent travel consultant for Vision, a Direct Travel Company; contact her at [email protected]) We don boots and woollies, put fresh and frozen foods in tubs; park the truck at the top of the hill of... more ›
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Ellen Melman’s ‘totally unexpected adventure’

Reflecting on 40 years with Israel’s Ministry of Tourism In Canada

Ellen Melman’s ‘totally unexpected adventure’ This week, Canadian Travel Press had a chance to catch up with Ellen Melman who, after 40 years with Israel Ministry of Tourism, most recently as its Director Operations & Marketing Travel Industry, Clergy & Community Liaison, talks about the many changes and adventures she had during... more ›
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Heroism And Hardship on the High Road to Adventure

Heroism And Hardship on the High Road to Adventure IAN STALKER Darcie Guarderas is inviting people to travel a northern route that bears the name of a man who became synonymous with heroism and hardship while unravelling a Northern tragedy immortalized in RCMP lore. [caption id="attachment_147004" align="alignright" width="220"]... more ›
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Visit Florida

Making the pivot, staying ahead of the competition

Visit Florida BOB MOWAT As VISIT FLORIDA gears up to host its first Virtual Huddle this week, its president and CEO, Dana Young took some time to respond to some questions from Canadian Travel Press, observing at one point that: “The COVID-19 pandemic has tested our industry like never before, but... more ›
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Trends shaping travel decisions

Expedia Group raises optimism with release of new research

Trends shaping travel decisions For those wondering about what’s going to be driving the decision making of travellers in 2021, there is new research that sheds some light on what the industry needs to watch for in the coming year. The research, by Expedia Group Media Solutions, reveals key considerations shaping... more ›
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Eager for recovery

Tour operators working hard to adapt to the new world of travel

Eager for recovery IAN STALKER Be it ever so humble, there’s no place for Intrepid Travel to promote like home – especially during a global pandemic that’s dramatically curtailed international travel, says the managing director of North America for the tour operator. The tour company has clearly been... more ›
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Worst Year Ever!

Agents more than ready to move on, forget 2020

Worst Year Ever! IAN STALKER Two veteran Toronto travel agents have bid an ‘unfond’ farewell to 2020. Last year was seen as a punishing year for those in travel and the travel agency community certainly wasn’t spared from the economic fallout of coronavirus. “I think that this (2020) has been... more ›
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The Industry Remembers ‘Butch’ Stewart

The Industry Remembers ‘Butch’ Stewart To no one’s surprise, there has been an outpouring of remembrances from friends and colleagues in the Caribbean and around the world following the passing of Sandals Resorts International’s founder, The Honourable Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart on January 4, 2021. In this week’s issue of... more ›
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Delighting in defying the odds

Delighting in defying the odds The Honourable Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart July 6, 1941 to January 4, 2021 Legend, entrepreneur, unstoppable force, vibrant personality, philanthropist, statesman, private and devoted to family man. The Hon. Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart was all of these and so much more. News of his... more ›
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