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Issue Date: Feb 20, 2017
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Talking about the next generation

Tripxpertz launches new approach to online travel selling


Pictured above: Seen in the photo during the Toronto presentation, from l to r, are TripXpertz founder and CEO, Brad Miron, and the Mexico Tourism Board’s Cesar Mendoza.

“Content,” observes Brad Miron, “is the new travel currency.”
Miron, the founder and CEO of TripXpertz, sat down with Canadian Travel Press during the last week of January to talk about the launch of TripXpertz, which he described as a virtual agency website network of “destinational-focused sites that have high engaging content to address the gap between utility-based sites and where consumers really want to go.”
That network – of which MexicoXpertz is the first of the sites to come online – is focused on the user experience and has been designed to drive brand and demand to its destination partners.
Miron told CTP that: “Our vision is very simple – to redefine how consumers research, plan and book their travel with the power of focused, engaging content. Our mission is to become a global brand recognized for providing aspirational, relevant content and inspiring consumers to travel in a focused and simplified user experience. Our goals are very simple – to hyper-grow a global network of destination-focused platforms in the next 36 months and become a major player.”
He explained that: “In the case of Mexico, what we’re talking about is [that] for someone who wants to go into a specific destination, they have the ability to go in to see what to do, what to see, what to know and again, this is after we’ve got them from an aspirational ‘oh my God’ [point of view] and now we’re giving them all the information to make the proper decision.”
The big change here, Miron said, is that the online travel world has evolved and consumers want more than the utility-based sites that offer simply product and price. Today, consumers are more interested in having a total experience.
And he believes that TripXpertz not only responds to that demand, but gives consumers exactly what they want.
And even better, he says: “By delivering focused, clean, simplified, engaging content to the consumer, it will increase the conversion rate and the whole go-to-market strategy is completely unconventional [compared to] what is currently in the marketplace.”
Miron continues: “So what is an expert? It’s a group of travel professionals who have been there, experienced it, bought the T-shirt, plus they’ve been trained specifically on the destination where [the consumer] wants to go.”
He noted that: “In our [TripXpertz’] road map, which is Mexico, then Florida, California, Vegas, USA, Europe, we will not launch a fully baked site unless we have: a) all the content, and b) the call centre people, in behind, who are true experts, to help transact those calls.”
As for how it works, Miron told CTP: “The best way in which I’ve explained it to destinations so they can understand it, is that TripXpertz is the ‘grandparent’ [site], the ‘parent’ [site] is Mexico and the ‘child’ [site] is CancunXperts, CozumelXperts, PuertoVallartaXperts.”
Destinations that have experienced TripXpertz have said to Miron: “You know what you’ve done, you’ve created an Expedia for our destination. It’s solely focused, 100% on our destination.”
TripXpertz founder also told CTP that: “Social media will play a very large role within what we’re doing. It’s one of the key driving forces of connecting with consumers on the aspirational and inspirational [level]. The booking path itself is a very clean booking path. It’s on par or better than some that are out there in the marketplace.”
He also said that: “In the Candian market, we’re actually offering two different booking engines. We’re offering a Softvoyage booking engine, as well as our own white label fulfilment program that we have with our fulfilment partner, Best Day Travel Solutions out of Mexico.”

MexicoXpertz will feature in-depth content on 10 sun and beach destinations in Mexico.

The initial launch of MexicoXpertz will feature 10 sun and beach destinations in Mexico, such as AcapulcoXpertz, with the Mexican colonial cities launching in spring 2017.
Those sites will feature in-depth travel content on Mexico and Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa, Mazatlan, Huatluco, and Los Cabos.
Miron also pointed out that: “Consumers are tired of being bombarded with ads when they search online. Our ‘No Ads Guarantee’ ensures consumers are not led astray and confused with non-relevant ads, click bait. It is all about giving them relevant content.”
In the next 36 months, TripXpertz will launch USAXpertz, FloridaXpertz, OrlandoXpertz, CaliforniaXpertz, LasVegasXpertz, CaribbeanXpertz, and EuropeXpertz.
Each site allows the consumer to first explore, and then to book packages, flights, hotels, car rentals, and excursions.
In Canada, the agency will be hosted by The Travel Agent Next Door.
Miron explained: “By affiliating with The Travel Agent Next Door, we avoid negotiating supplier agreements, and we resolve the backend infrastructure – and we satisfy regulatory requirements. This allows us to focus on what we do best – build brand and demand and increase passengers travelling to destinations.”
Miron has partnered with call centre industry veteran Lisa (Mona) Georganes in the virtual agency to handle TripXpertz’ Canadian fulfilment. In the US, fulfilment for the sites will be provided by BestDay Travel Solutions.
Those wanting more information can go to the website: .