Travel Courier
Issue Date: Apr 18, 2019

Zipline can be an Acapulco highlight


(Photo above: Among those ready to set off on Acapulco’s XTASEA zipline are Travel Courier’s Ian Stalker (second from left, back row) and Newlink’s Hillary Ovalle (back row, right) and Analia Brache (front row, centre).)

Some folks are just hard to impress, even if you’re a consummate daredevil…

I joined others visiting Acapulco for Tianguis – Mexico’s annual tourism show – where we were invited to try XTASEA, billed as the world’s longest zipline over water. Participants leave from a lofty tower, crossing over an ocean bay and then once again find themselves above terra firma before coming to a stop.

Those who sign up will find themselves as much as 100 metres high while completing the 1,800-metre-long attraction.

We geared up by putting on helmets and glossy black suits that Analia Brache – one of my cheerful hosts from the Newlink public relations firm – didn’t think looked becoming on me. “You look like a trash bag.”


Some in our group were a little wary about sliding by cable well above ground and sea, but we were assured by XTASEA staff that all was secure.

And we indeed all completed the two-year-old attraction safe and sound, demonstrating that any fears we may have had were clearly groundless.