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Dropping Temperatures, Dropping Rates

VIA Rail Canada Celebrates The Cold With Fare Deals


VIA Rail Canada is celebrating the dropping winter temperatures by dropping its rates with new economy fares on its legendary route between Toronto and Vancouver, the Canadian.

Travellers can now take advantage of VIA Rail’s Economy class service at even lower Escape fares, every day. With these unbeatable rates, there is no excuse not to visit friends, family, or discover the beauty of Canada in an affordable way.

A selection of Escape fares in Economy class routes on the Canadian, starting at:

  • Toronto-Sudbury Jct. : $48
  • Sudbury Jct.-Winnipeg: $143
  • Winnipeg-Saskatoon: $82
  • Saskatoon-Edmonton: $58
  • Edmonton-Jasper: $79
  • Jasper-Vancouver: $121
  • Toronto-Vancouver: $364

Space is limited on select routes and for more information, go to .


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