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Issue Date: May 07, 2020

Stefani Walter, 23

Tourism Travel & Eco-adventure, Confederation College

Stefani Walter, 23 Three words to describe me: Adventurous, thoughtful, and hard-working. Why I chose to study travel and tourism: Because I love travelling and want to work in a job where I can help people enjoy their travels as well. My greatest professional strength: Being understanding. My dream job: Working for G Adventures or Contiki. Most exciting travel trend: I think eco-travel is an... more ›


Issue Date: May 07, 2020

Kyle Geschi, 23

Hospitality & Tourism Management, Conestoga College

Kyle Geschi, 23 My travel style: Cultural explorer, adventure seeker, foodie. Why I chose to study travel and tourism: When I think about the experiences that have left me feeling most fulfilled in my life so far, it always comes back to travel, tourism and hospitality. So, if I can fill my professional life with those experiences while helping others achieve them as well then that’s the career path for... more ›


Issue Date: May 07, 2020

Angiela Maene Menguita, 23

Tourism-Travel Services, Centennial College

Angiela Maene Menguita, 23 My travel style: Budget, solo, adventure, local. My greatest professional strength: I am not afraid to be a beginner! I love learning. My dream job: My goal is to have my own travel agency someday and help people make their dreams come true by sending them to amazing places they couldn’t even imagine. Most exciting travel trend: Niche tourism. Isn’t it great that no matter how... more ›


Issue Date: May 07, 2020

Andy Chu, 24

Bachelor of Tourism Management, Capilano University

Andy Chu, 24 My travel style: Restaurants, bars, and cafes – I’m an absolute foodie! Why I chose to study travel and tourism: My grandparents first visited Canada during Expo 86 and fell in love with the country. Since then, our family’s passion for travel and exploration continued, allowing us to create beautiful and meaningful stories. I knew travel and tourism was the industry for me when I... more ›


Issue Date: May 07, 2020

Madelyne Lemieux, 19

Tourism Management, BCIT

Madelyne Lemieux, 19 My travel style: Spontaneous, informal, road trips. My greatest professional strength: I am determined. No matter the challenges, I will find a way to make it work. My dream job: Something in event production; I would like to produce large meetings and exciting events and receptions. Most exciting travel trend: Sustainability. It's a real challenge in this industry to find ways to... more ›


Issue Date: May 07, 2020

Megan Chatman, 20

Tourism-Travel Services, Algonquin College

Megan Chatman, 20 My travel style: Relaxed, adventurous, nature-lover. Why I chose to study travel and tourism: Travel has always played a huge role in my life, from family vacations to sports trips. I looked forward to getting on that plane or packing up the truck for my next great adventure. As I got older my passion grew stronger, and it came as no surprise to family, friends and myself that I would go... more ›


Issue Date: May 07, 2020

Full of hope

Baxter Student Ambassadors of 2020

Full of hope ASHLEY ROCHEFORT [caption id="attachment_137398" align="alignright" width="300"] New York City[/caption] All it took was one weekend in New York City for 46 year old Vanessa Brownson to change her life. “I had barely considered travelling before,” said Vanessa Brownson, 2020 Baxter Ambassador for Fleming College. “But a whole new world opened up to me, that was the spark to changing... more ›


Issue Date: Jan 16, 2020

Agent’ Choice is back!

Agent’ Choice is back! So get ready to vote for your favourite suppliers. Well it’s that time again as Baxter Media launches the 2020 Agents’ Choice Readership Survey this week. Agents’ Choice is Canada’s original, authoritative and most popular travel industry poll, and each year it asks Canadian travel agents to pick their favourite suppliers in over 40 different categories – ranging from airlines... more ›


Issue Date: Nov 07, 2019

A first for Canada

Latest facial recognition tech rolled out at YVR

A first for Canada TED DAVIS In a "first" for Canada, a new proprietary line of self-service, biometric-enabled kiosks, called BorderXpress, have been installed at Vancouver International Airport. These have been configured to meet the requirements of the modernized NEXUS program by the Canada Border Service Agency’s (CBSA). The BorderXpress system by Innovative Travel Solutions... more ›


Issue Date: Nov 07, 2019

Sunwing & MSC Cruises team up to offer agents a chance to win a cruise!

Sunwing & MSC Cruises team up to offer agents a chance to win a cruise! The luxurious MSC Meraviglia, with its action-packed activities, world-class entertainment, unique ports of call and delicious dining options on board, will be setting sail for the first time this winter in the Caribbean from the port of Miami. MSC Meraviglia MSC Meraviglia offers the ultimate luxury vacation experience at sea with flights departing from Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City.... more ›