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‘We’re still here’
Florida Keys work to win back tourists

A publicist for The Florida Keys & Key West says the tourism infrastructure in the island archipelago off Florida’s southern coast is steadily rebounding after parts of it were battered by this fall’s Hurricane Irma… Read >>

New kid on the block
Interjet keen on new Canadian routes

Mexican carrier Interjet is upbeat about its prospects in the Canadian market, despite being the new kid on the aviation block in this country. This year has seen the airline begin linking Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver with both Mexico City and Cancun, and an airline that has traditionally had a somewhat low profile in Canada says it has a couple of aces up its sleeve when it comes to attracting Canadian clients… Read >>

Have an ‘amazing experience’ in Belize

Archeology enthusiasts are certain to be in their element in Belize. Deborah Gilharry of the Belize Tourist Board told a recent Toronto event that the Central American country was the “heartland” of the Maya civilization and is now home to “the highest concentration of Maya sites in Central America.”.. Read >>

Congratulations!! They’re elephants!

Thailand’s Baanchang Elephant Park is looking a little like a maternity ward these days. The Chiang Mai-area park is home to around 45 Asian elephants, including two comparative youngsters, with their arrivals a welcome development, as elephants are often slow to reproduce, says the park’s Weerayut Punpu… Read >>

Snowmass at 50 – ‘It’s going to be fun!’

Aspen-Snowmass’ largest skiing option is getting ready to mark its first half-century of hosting schussers.
The Colorado ski hill of Snowmass – one of four hills that collectively make up Aspen-Snowmass … Read >>

Arctic tours to take the high road

Anderson Vacations has a Canada program that reaches from sea to sea – to frozen sea. The tour operator – which has been sending people to jurisdictions ranging from Newfoundland to British Columbia – plans to use a new gravel highway linking Inuvik, NWT, with Tuktoyaktuk, .. Read >>

Out of the world getaway in Florida

Orlando Melbourne International Airport users who time their Florida vacations right can see NASA light up the night in an awe-inspiring manner. The airport serves an area that’s home to the Kennedy Space Center, from which in 2018 NASA will launch at least 32 rockets, .. Read >>

Real cowboys are ‘the only kind we have’

Tia Troy is inviting tourists to experience some close encounters of the eye-catchingly dramatic kind. Troy, a spokeswoman for the Wyoming Office of Tourism, notes 2017 is the 40th anniversary of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, in which iconic Wyoming landmark The Devil’s Tower featured prominently… Read >>

Air New Zealand finds favour with Canadians

Air New Zealand is marking a decade of linking this country with its home base, with Maureen Kam – the carrier’s country manager, Canada – praising her airline’s “growing strength in the Canadian market” during a recent Toronto gathering… Read >>

Make tracks to Machu Picchu

Hiram Bingham’s grueling slogs through the Andes in search of the Lost City of the Incas needn’t be replicated by those wishing to see Machu Picchu in this day and age. Bingham, the American university professor who first brought word of Machu Picchu to the outside world a century ago after being directed to it by area Indians while he was searching for Vilcambamba … Read >>

Something is always happening in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is looking ahead to a major milestone and wants tourists to join in the year-long celebration. Javier Aranda Pedrero, director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board, notes 2018 will be the 100th anniversary of the Pacific Ocean-fronting city being designated as a municipality and says there will be 12 months of festivities, adding celebrations are hardly unusual in his festive city… Read >>

Costa Rica stays true to its nature

Those visiting Costa Rica can expect to see the likes of sloths, monkeys and toucans, if they venture into any of the country’s many national parks during their vacation. But they shouldn’t count on seeing any velociraptors or T-Rexes, says Michel Aranda of Costa Rican tour company Neo Travel… Read >>

Suites offer luxury in the sky

Peru’s Skylodge Adventure Suites is inviting fearless folks to truly hang around with intrepid individuals. The unusual lodging option has three mostly glass “luxury capsules” visitors sleep in that are attached to a rockface 400 metres above ground in Andean Peru’s Sacred Valley… Read >>

Vermont welcomes skiers seeking a winter wonderland

Those in Vermont’s tourism trade say going downhill in their state can be uplifting. Vermont tourism officials held a recent Toronto gathering touting Vermont as a great ski retreat that offers a wide selection of ski resorts, some close enough to the Quebec border that they can be visited on day trips from Montreal… Read >>